Mexican Food: Origins

Mexican Food: Origins

Many Americans believe they are familiar with Mexican cuisine. Most people’s schooling is limited to a ride to Taco Bell, Chipotle, or Baja Fresh every now and then. Why do you move any further? What’s there to tell about nachos drizzled with cheese and jalapenos, tacos slathered in beef and sour cream, and burritos the size of little children, filled with pork and deep-fried? Unfortunately, naming this Mexican cuisine is more than a stretch. From top to bottom, it’s more about the embellishment. Do you truly believe that the majority of Mexicans consume the same cuisine that Americans do?

Most of the Mexican-American and Tex-Mex cuisine that refers to American inhabitants has origins in authentic Mexican cuisine. However, there are many distinctions between what is authentic and what is familiar. Here’s a quick overview on some of the history to Mexico’s world-famous cuisine.

The Aztecs and other Mesoamerican peoples invented many of the recipes that make up Mexican cuisine. Corn tortillas, tomatoes, and beans were staples of this culinary tradition. These three things, black beans, peppers, and maize, are both native to the Modern World and authentically Mexican. Before the advent of the Europeans, typical Mexican cuisine consisted of dishes heavy on these ingredients served over an open fire in Aztec open-air markets. Tomatillos were also essential ingredients that, like tomatoes, frightened many Europeans at first because of their similarity and lineage to a common poison plant known as Nightshade.

However, after the Europeans arrived in power, much of the original Mexican cultures’ indigenous traditions and foods started to be introduced into the Spanish and European cuisine brought from the Old World. In addition to cheese, Spaniards carried cows and pigs with them. This is the beginning of the Mexican food that most Americans are familiar with.

The livestock brought in by the Spaniards was quickly assimilated into Mexican cuisine. Indeed, the development of Mexican cuisine can be seen as one of adaptations and evolutions. Cooks in Mexico have been able to change their culinary methods to accommodate fresh ingredients. The invention of meals like the taco, quesadilla, and fajita, which are mostly filled with meat and cheese, resulted from an unexpected surplus of meat.

Although most authentic Mexican cuisine is much more restrained in terms of serving size and ingredient list than Mexican-American cuisine, the origins of Mexican cuisine are rooted in responding to modern tastes in new ways. Take, for example, Tex-Mex cooking. This style of cuisine, which is still relatively recent, is a fusion inspired by the migration of American and British immigrants in Texas, an area dominated by Mexican people and food. Even the ubiquitous Mexican-American cuisine seen in corner diners, fast food chains, and fine dining restaurants is an evolution of Mexican cuisine that combines conventional elements with modern flavours from faraway lands.

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Tips for Enjoying Your Mexican Food

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a food aficionado or simply appreciate good tasting food, Mexican food is almost always going to be something you enjoy. The fact that Mexican food has such a strong flavour combined with the fact that it’s so affordable (in comparison to most South American countries) means that many people are choosing to indulge in this cuisine on a regular basis. But how do you get the best from your Mexican food?

The first and most important rule of thumb when it comes to Mexican food is that you want to serve it as quickly as possible to achieve the maximum flavour. You can achieve this by ensuring that each dish is served very quickly and without taking too much time. This isn’t always possible though and if you’re worried about losing the freshness of certain dishes, you should consider freezing them instead. The ice will keep a dish fresh for a longer period of time while preventing it from spoiling.

Another issue is that Mexican food is naturally rich in proteins and vitamins, which means that vegetarians can often find it difficult to avoid eating some of the dishes. Fortunately, Mexican restaurants are increasingly providing a wide range of dishes that are vegetarian, diabetic or even vegan. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy Mexican food without having to give up something they enjoy. Finally, there is one aspect of Mexican food that a lot of people tend to overlook: the preparation itself! Make sure that you take enough time preparing food and that you prepare it well, as this will ensure that you achieve the maximum flavour.

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Mexican Food – A Food Culture That Is Hard To Ignore

When it comes to authentic Mexican food, nothing beats the traditional fresh made tortillas which are filled with the deliciously prepared spicy and flavorful salsa. This authentic dish is usually prepared with either beef or chicken and served with a thick sauce of red or green color that gives out an irresistible taste. The freshness of the meat and sauce is enough to make the taste buds tingle and one can truly feel the aroma of this wonderful food.

When you dine in Mexico, you cannot avoid having this traditional dish. It goes with everything and is loved by all. There are several Mexican dishes which are famous and are made popular by the food lovers around the globe. Some of the most popular Mexican dishes include Paella, TexMex, tacos, chimichanga and burritos.

Mexican food has so much variety and has been prepared in such original way. When Mexican food is prepared with so much flavor, it becomes a delight for all who take a bite of it. Authentic Mexican food is prepared with lots of fresh vegetables and is marinated with aromatic spices and served with either fresh salsa or fresh chopped meat accompanied with creamy sauces that are rich in taste. Mexican cuisine also goes well with different kinds of breads and chocolates. Hence, authentic Mexican food is something that makes one crave for it and one must try everything that is Mexican.

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