Differences Between a Quesadilla

Even if you love Mexican food dearly it is easy to get confused with some of the most habitual items in the menu of Mexican restaurants: they are so similar that, when you get down to it, a lot of them are the same item with a slightly different preparation ! For example, a lot of people get confused about how to distinguish a quesadilla for a mulita.

Differences between a quesadilla and a mulita:

When you get down to it, a quesadilla and a mulita are essentially the same item. In fact, the mulita started off as an “improved quesadilla”. While quesadilla are made out of cheese between two crispy tortillas, and might include some extra toppings like meat, shrimp, chicken or vegetables a mulita ALWAYS includes avocado, and will more often than not have some meat on them.

Fun fact ! Not all quesadillas are made out of cheese: in Mexico City, if you ask for a quesadilla, you will have to ask them to make it with cheese.
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