Riverfront Park Salem Oregon

Riverfront ParkIt is a park located in the town of Salem in Oregon, it is very beautiful, it is always offering many events for all ages, it is known for its fireworks show on the bank of the river if you want to see it go to the east side of the park to have the best view. There are several places to eat, you can take tours on the Steamboat

There are musical events in summer, do not forget to bring your mosquito repellent, it is a good place to visit in the autumn and summer seasons to enjoy its beautiful colors, there is also an area for the little ones in the house so they can play and be distracted while enjoying the view and nature.

There are also other things to see in Riverfront Park, such as statues, some types of beautiful flowers, there is a good place to park vehicles and you can walk through the park facilities without problem, go over the pedestrian bridge which connects the two sides of the park.

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Riverfront City Park, 200 Water St NE, Salem, OR 97301

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